Swimming Pool Maintenance & Spa Service

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Why Choose Our Swimming Pool Service in Perth?

At Crystal Pool and Spa services, we specialize in swimming pool maintenance & service in Perth and offer the customers help in maintaining and running the swimming pools all year round. We have worked with this industry for many years and have built up a strong working record.

We know that servicing your pool is essential to keep your leisure facilities running safe and its performance. No matter you need a service contract or ad hoc service, we can tailor the pool service that you require to suit all your needs. We strive for the best service possible an also provide help 24×7 when you need the most.

Regular pool maintenance services in Perth WA can reduce the risk of breakdowns and repair service costs.  We can help you to prepare for an unfortunate scenario that may arise. Our experts have the experience to help you look after the swimming pool. Starting from helping your pools daily to the installation of new filtration and chlorine feeder systems, we do it all.  We have the knowledge to help you ensure the pool is safe.

Our Pool Maintenance Services Include:

  • Vacuuming the entire pool.
  • Emptying of baskets.
  • Brushing and leaf raking the pool.
  • Cleaning and calibrating sensors if required.
  • Cleaning salt cells if required.
  • Cleaning of chlorine injection points.
  • Digital photometer testing and chemical balance.
  • Visual equipment and safety check