Acid Wash Services for Swimming Pool

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Get Professional Acid Wash Services in Australia

Acid washing is the way to get the ultimate result for perfect looking pool. Acid washing can make your swimming pool look like new. It is a popular choice for removing the tough stains from pools. It consists of a mixture of muriatic acid and water. It makes contact with the pool’s surface and removes the small layer and reveals a fresh layer of plaster underneath. This kind of cleaning is intense and best suited for removing tough stains.

You don’t need to worry; our experts will take care of everything.  In order to keep your pool pristine and always ready to use, you may choose acid wash services in Perth Region, WA from a weekly, monthly or fortnightly pool cleanings service. Our pool cleaners will arrange a date and time that is convenient for you. All the essential services will be taken care of: chemical balancing/water treatment, equipment checks and pool vacuuming. If we find anything that is no ordinary, we will always consult you before taking any action.

With our thorough cleaning and maintenance programs, you can relax in the comfort that your pool is being managed professionally and it is safe. We follow the best practice water treatment and hygiene standards to make sure that the longevity of all equipment and surfaces.