Pool Blankets

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Crystal Pool and Spa Services Provide the Widest Range of Pool Blanket

Swimming pool covers are the premium choice for maximum heat, durability and retention. We offer a variety of stylish colours to match the pool landscapes and garden settings. Our pool blankets have been created to maximise the heat retention and eliminating the pool water evaporation, minimise the sting of the water and also electrical bill every summer season. Crystal Pool and Spa services experts will help you in every step through choosing the right blanket for your specific pool.

With our pool cover, you will be confident that your swimming pool will be utilised and protected from the hot summer months through to the cooler winter. With natural heat energy in and less heat out, you will be able to enjoy the pool for longer.

We design and manufacture an extensive range of high quality and affordable pool cover systems for the harsh Australian climate. We have been providing the best possible pool blanket in Western Australia. We offer Australia’s largest range of designs only using the highest quality materials, formulated to protect the pool all year round. We listen, understand and deliver the customised solutions to what our customers need.